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The choice


Stuck between a choice at the crossroad if my life. The choice of being where I want to be or doing what I like to do. If choices were easy they will not be called choices.

The merger in the company is not going too smoothly as it should be. The lack of a direction has left a lot of people wondering. The point of view from my level is a little hazy. Well you don’t really see much at the level of the food chain I am in. I am sure there are lot more smarter people up at the higher levels. Sometimes that leaves doubts in my mind. For example, the company announces that the consulting division will cease to exist after the first of November. I have ceased to exists for a month and a half now. With the rate it is going and the mandatory break we are suppose to have, it will be two months of non existance. Lessons to be learnt: Don’t announce anything if you don’t have a plan to back it up.

Not that I am complaining. Who would not like to be paid to hang around and do nothing? Well not entirely nothing some menial brain exercise is required. It was not entirely unproductive. I have been doing a lot of cleaning and fixing stuff at home. Did some house projects. Went for an actual holiday. Got sunburnt. Relaxed for probably the only time in my life. Lots of thinking time. Good and bad.

That’s where my situation has come to. Things are getting sorted with my role in the company. I have been given a few choices. I have distilled it to two basic path; where I want to be but not necessary what I like to do or what I like to do but not necessary where I want to be.

Life’s decisions are hard. On one hand it’s like a promotion and I would definitely get more visibility if I do it right. On the other, I am not sure if I want that visibility. I am also uncertain if this is the path I want to take.

In the end, which will be confirmed this Friday the 19th of December 2008, I will be where I want to be. With the hope that I will eventually do what I like to do.


The sun is out


“Here comes the sun,
here comes the sun,
du du du du…
and I say… ”

Moonson season is here and the whole Asia Pacific is affected. Early morning showers kept me from my morning run today but compensated with loads of running around and carrying a ton of stuff.

The sea was really choppy. Almost made me throw up. After an hour being battered by the waves and almost giving in to the nausea, we docked in Bintan. As soon as my feet planted on solid unmoveable land mass, my head stopped spinning. But caught a headache soon after wodering if it was phychological. It must have been. Otherwise I realized that Bintan Ferry terminal never changed since the last time I was here. It was 7 years ago.

GMT +7 sets us back an Hour earlier. So we arrived at exactly the same time we left. The bad thing check-in time is 4 hours away.

Arrived at the hotel with three and a half hours to kill. Wet. Hungry. Headache. Thank God for WiFi. (wrote this on my iPhone) ok ok, thank God for iPhones. As soon as there was a break in the weather; while still gulping* down 2 chicken sandwiches. I headed out to the beach.

Am glad the heavens decided to ease up a little and let this puny living being have a chance with the sea.

bintan_20081214-2154Here comes the sun
And I say…

*I usually swollow my food.

Am i here?


Ok so I have been contemplating this for a very long time. I am not even sure I can keep up with this with so much already happening in my life. I guess one could not have too many things to do.

Now, i am not entirely sure why I want to start a blog or what I would write about. Right now I have more questions than answers. I guess the most basic thing is that I can share my thoughts and ideas for anyone who might be interested and for anyone whom might have come across this weird useless blog by accident. Yeah it’s the typical “why I am starting a blog” mantra. Significant? A resounding yes. Remarkable? It might be or atleast that is what I hope to be. The beauty of the internet is that it is a giant playground. It let’s you experiment. So this a bulletin board for my mind. Lots of ideas but not sure where to place them yet. Just as the blog suggest “it’s made to change”.

My wife tells me that I thrive on change. Everything I do has to be different. Transformation is my key driver. I seek to transform everything, however not all for the better. I am human afterall. Mistakes are so much a part of transformation. If we never make mistakes, we never need to change.

I work as a consultant for Hewlett Packard in the areas of Enterprise Architecture, IT Transformation, IT strategy and planning and emerging technologies. I am a technologist and technology is what keeps me busy day to day and very much part of my everyday life. You will know why in awhile. You will understand that I will talk a lot about technology here together with some usual rants about my life.

Here are my toughts and questions I have while writting this blog on my wordpress iPhone App, which I must say it’s a great tool to have:

… Should I do reviews of technology here
… Should I have another site to talk about technology or should i consolidate all my thoughts here *
… Should I have a theme
… Why would anyone want to hear me rant
… Should I do tutorials
… Should I reiterate stuff I read on the internet
… I should be creating original content
… Should I make this a video blog or vlog
… Why is any of this remarkable
… Why on earth is my mind so cluttered
… Did I just over simplify my life

Am I here?

Possibly the only one I can safely answer.

Nope, it’s a long way to go…

Other information I have left out from the obvious introduction of myself is
… I have 2 children, both boys
… My wife already has a blog about the family so I won’t repeat it here
… I own too many gadgets
… I travel a lot
… I love the outdoors
… I miss the outdoors

* I started a technology blog over at typepad dot com at the same time. Both blogs are composed using their respective iPhone App. For the sake of reviewing it. Will talk about this more later.