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Slow Broadband kills your Mojo

They say a messy table is a sign of a creative mind. Lately, my broadband have hampered my creativity. Every time I try to visit websites, download software updates and security patches and I try to learn from the internet, it grounds to a screeching halt. I can never estimate how long it would take me to find the information I needed.

Slowly, I take all those waiting time to good use. I started to clean. It started with my desk, then my room, my bathroom, under my bed, my kitchen, living room and even my dog’s kennel. I have never been so clean in my life.

How come I didn’t see this coming? All i wanted to do was get something done instead of looking at the computer screen all the time. I didn’t know it would come to this…

Slow broadband have killed my mojo… Help me! Pimp my Broadband Please…

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