Slow Broadband kills your Mojo

They say a messy table is a sign of a creative mind. Lately, my broadband have hampered my creativity. Every time I try to visit websites, download software updates and security patches and I try to learn from the internet, it grounds to a screeching halt. I can never estimate how long it would take me to find the information I needed.

Slowly, I take all those waiting time to good use. I started to clean. It started with my desk, then my room, my bathroom, under my bed, my kitchen, living room and even my dog’s kennel. I have never been so clean in my life.

How come I didn’t see this coming? All i wanted to do was get something done instead of looking at the computer screen all the time. I didn’t know it would come to this…

Slow broadband have killed my mojo… Help me! Pimp my Broadband Please…

Check out my plea on video here… and don’t forget to vote here

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Higher Quality Video on Vimeo here


23 comments so far

  1. zool on

    It is really good or just another ‘berokband’?

    • Michael Foong on

      DiGi has been on it’s way up for sometime. So far I have heard praises. Except for coverage, the speed and reliability seems to be great.

      I run another podcast and on that podcast I have someone calling in through Skype from his iPhone over DiGi 3G and 4 of us talked for an Hour without any interruptions. So yeah, Its good 🙂


  2. hodilun on

    wow, that was very nicely done. looked professional even.
    all the best in the contest….

  3. bryanlyt on

    fuahh i was on high volume because i couldn’t hear your voice clearly, till the end.. your shout frighten me omg ahaha!

    anyway nicely done video 😉

    • Michael Foong on

      Thanx Bryan,

      Don’t give away the ending now… 😉 LOL hahaha

  4. ferlicius on

    LOL, love the last part!

    • Michael Foong on

      Hahah thanx ferlicius 🙂 it’s whole point hahah

  5. christock on

    i love it! i love it love it damn sexy :p

  6. Carolyn on

    LOL. Did you check in the glove compartment, maybe you left it there. Voted!

    • Michael Foong on

      Hahah thanx. Unfortunately my table does not have any drawers or glove compartments 😉

  7. jenne on

    omg..that was sooo funny. I really couldnt imagine an internet connection being so slow that i have to start cleaning everything up and still, its still laggginnngg..i am using digi. i love it. i told the guy who was promoting it that if it lags, i will dump everything on him. I was also desperate for a quick connection. now i am quite happy. having a good broadband is like having a good hubby or boyfriend lah. Dependable!!! Hope you get your mojo back.

    • Michael Foong on

      Hi Jenne,

      Hahah thanx. Appreciate it. That’s another good idea. A good broadband is like having a good husband or boyfriend hahah. I wonder how to shoot that video 🙂 Thanx for visiting. Keep voting if you like it and if you have the time to do it 😉

      Thanx again


  8. kokokgai on

    hahah!! good one man

  9. joycescapade on

    Thumbs up! 😉

    • Michael Foong on

      Hahah, thanx but I am hoping you thumbs up here too 😉 – ttp://

  10. joycescapade on

    Yeap, refer tweet. 😉 Followed you too. Now only I know you’re @mikefoong . Saw you at Twestivalkl.

  11. Shelly on

    LOL! very creative idea! hope you get your mojo back..haha

    P/s: as my speakers were at full blast, that last part scared the wits out of me! LOL

    • Michael Foong on

      Thanx Shelly, Sorry about the scare but it was to shoot for effect 😉

  12. Jen on

    That gives me a TERRIFIC idea! I am going to slow down the broadband at home during the hours which my husband is home from work. Then he will have nothing to do while he is waiting for pages to load and have no choice but to help me clean! Thank you!!!

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