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Slow Broadband kills your Mojo

They say a messy table is a sign of a creative mind. Lately, my broadband have hampered my creativity. Every time I try to visit websites, download software updates and security patches and I try to learn from the internet, it grounds to a screeching halt. I can never estimate how long it would take me to find the information I needed.

Slowly, I take all those waiting time to good use. I started to clean. It started with my desk, then my room, my bathroom, under my bed, my kitchen, living room and even my dog’s kennel. I have never been so clean in my life.

How come I didn’t see this coming? All i wanted to do was get something done instead of looking at the computer screen all the time. I didn’t know it would come to this…

Slow broadband have killed my mojo… Help me! Pimp my Broadband Please…

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Setting up for mass mini-blogging

Am i here?


Ok so I have been contemplating this for a very long time. I am not even sure I can keep up with this with so much already happening in my life. I guess one could not have too many things to do.

Now, i am not entirely sure why I want to start a blog or what I would write about. Right now I have more questions than answers. I guess the most basic thing is that I can share my thoughts and ideas for anyone who might be interested and for anyone whom might have come across this weird useless blog by accident. Yeah it’s the typical “why I am starting a blog” mantra. Significant? A resounding yes. Remarkable? It might be or atleast that is what I hope to be. The beauty of the internet is that it is a giant playground. It let’s you experiment. So this a bulletin board for my mind. Lots of ideas but not sure where to place them yet. Just as the blog suggest “it’s made to change”.

My wife tells me that I thrive on change. Everything I do has to be different. Transformation is my key driver. I seek to transform everything, however not all for the better. I am human afterall. Mistakes are so much a part of transformation. If we never make mistakes, we never need to change.

I work as a consultant for Hewlett Packard in the areas of Enterprise Architecture, IT Transformation, IT strategy and planning and emerging technologies. I am a technologist and technology is what keeps me busy day to day and very much part of my everyday life. You will know why in awhile. You will understand that I will talk a lot about technology here together with some usual rants about my life.

Here are my toughts and questions I have while writting this blog on my wordpress iPhone App, which I must say it’s a great tool to have:

… Should I do reviews of technology here
… Should I have another site to talk about technology or should i consolidate all my thoughts here *
… Should I have a theme
… Why would anyone want to hear me rant
… Should I do tutorials
… Should I reiterate stuff I read on the internet
… I should be creating original content
… Should I make this a video blog or vlog
… Why is any of this remarkable
… Why on earth is my mind so cluttered
… Did I just over simplify my life

Am I here?

Possibly the only one I can safely answer.

Nope, it’s a long way to go…

Other information I have left out from the obvious introduction of myself is
… I have 2 children, both boys
… My wife already has a blog about the family so I won’t repeat it here
… I own too many gadgets
… I travel a lot
… I love the outdoors
… I miss the outdoors

* I started a technology blog over at typepad dot com at the same time. Both blogs are composed using their respective iPhone App. For the sake of reviewing it. Will talk about this more later.